Starting on our Wed., Sept. 2 delivery day, KoKo began offering homemade dinners and energy bars to help everyone ease back into pseudo-school routines! This week, we’re adding Chiles Rellenos to the offerings! Choose from:

Chicken Enchilada Casserole – made with GF corn tortillas, tender chicken, homegrown tomatillos, topped with Mexican cheese blend ($15 for 2-person + leftovers; $30 for family + leftovers)

Ground Turkey Lasagne – a healthier twist on the classic crowd-pleaser, lower fat ground turkey and part-skim cheeses ($15 for 2-person + leftovers; $30 for family + leftovers)

Chiles Rellenos – Roasted Poblano chiles filled with a Mexican cheese blend, dipped in batter and ready to bake in a convenient casserole form. ($15 for 2-person + leftovers; $30 for family + leftovers)

Energy Bars – chewy, crunchy and nutty, these bite-sized temptations are GF and chock-full of nuts, dates and mini chocolate chips ($10 – 2 doz. squares)

Let KoKo do the cooking, we can’t wait to keep you smiling with these yummy meals and snacks. Got questions or requests (vegetarian, etc.)? Please send an email to and we will make your order perfect for you. Thanks!

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