About Komadre Kombucha

Just a few of my inspirations: My sweet kids and their madrinas, who are my dear “komadres.”

Komadre: Literally translated, a “co-mother.” Your Komadre may be a godmother, treasured confidante, sister-friend, or all of the above.

Mission statement

Like your Komadre, we pour vitality, connection and loving kindness into everything we do – for you!

Our Origins

Komadre Kombucha began as a home kitchen science project. Seeking an alternative to sugary sodas and alcoholic beverages, I started my own decaf black tea brew and married it with my favorite fresh-pressed juice ingredients. Fueled by my quest for greater vitality and my passion for creating community, I decided to share my sparkly tropical concoctions with friends and neighbors…and today I’m sharing them with you.