The Meaning of Komadre

Literally translated, a “co-mother.” Your Komadre may be a godmother, aunty, treasured confidante, sister-friend, or all of the above. Like your Komadre, we pour vitality, connection and loving kindness into everything we do – for you!

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About the Owner

Julie Davidson is a 20-year veteran of entrepreneurial ventures in the San Francisco Bay Area and Puget Sound region, including a multi-million-dollar-generating boutique coaching and consulting firm.

Of Central American and Caribbean heritage, Julie’s biggest value and business practice has been and will continue to be, to bring along and uplift other women and people of color/Latinx entrepreneurs. To that end, she will seek collaborations with bakers, makers and other Latinx/POC small business owners in and around the 253 to make Komadre Kombucha a welcoming, inclusive, sought-after brand.