for the 253!

Kombucha for the 253!

Made for the 253


We believe...

Everyone should have access to
delicious local kombucha.

Kombucha doesn’t need to be a bitter pill to swallow, it should be delicious and easy to get!

We’ve figured out how to make kombucha taste great for everyone without sacrificing any of the health benefits. We brew this special kombucha using ingredients, suppliers and methods that promote the health of our local community as well as our bodies.

There's a problem

It can be a challenge
to find kombucha
that you love!

Are you looking for a great tasting kombucha that has been made locally with loving care? Not just a big brand that you can get at any supermarket?

You’re not alone.  Many people have learned of the health benefits of making kombucha a regular part of their lives, but haven’t loved the kombucha they find in stores.

Komadre Kombucha makes it easy to have great kombucha all the time.

Bottle of Kombucha

Why Drink Komadre?

Is kombucha really healthy?

You may have heard that kombucha offers many benefits for your health. It’s true! A regular diet of kombucha offers many potential health benefits. Here are just a few…

Intestines with probiotics

Improved gut health

We’ve all heard the news, gut health is important for a long and enjoyable life. Your gut needs healthy bacteria in order to function at its best. 

The probiotics in Komadre Kombucha give you that healthy bacteria and can have health benefits like improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and weight loss.

Alcohol alternative

Alcohol, although fun, is not helping your health. Kombucha, on the other hand, can enhance your health. Many hard beverage lovers are discovering the amazing benefits of adding non-alcoholic kombucha to their diet.

Some have chosen to cut out alcohol entirely, while others are switching a portion of their recreational drinking to kombucha. All are feeling the benefits that come from regular kombucha drinking!

Healthy bacteria in kombucha

Kill bad bacteria

The acetic acid that is produced during the fermentation process of making kombucha can kill harmful microorganisms and reduce the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

Happy mouth

Antioxidants clean out toxins

The tea used to produce kombucha carries powerful antioxidants. 

This means that drinking kombucha regularly could have health benefits such as a reduced risk for some cancers, greater blood sugar control, and weight loss.

Make it a habit

Choose your kombucha subscription

One Month


$15 per bottle

With this subscription you’ll receive:

      • 2, 32-oz or 4, 16-oz bottles

Three Month


$14 per bottle

With this subscription you’ll receive:

      • 2, 32-oz or 4, 16-oz bottles 
      • 15% off = $51 + sales tax per month
      • Exclusive logo soft-sided cooler
Kombucha bottles 12 month subscription

One Year


$12 per bottle

With this subscription you’ll receive:

      • 2, 32-oz or 4, 16-oz bottles 
      • 25% off = $45 + sales tax per month
      • Exclusive logo soft-sided cooler
      • Logo tee

À la carte kombucha

Place a one-time order for the delicious kombucha of your choice. With Komadre Kombucha favorites and new specialty flavors available every month, there’s always something to get excited about.

Place a minimum order of $24 to qualify for free home delivery. 

Word on the street is

People love this kombucha

About Komadre Kombucha

Julie Davidson with Komadre Kombucha in Tacoma

Literally translated, a “co-mother.” Your Komadre may be a godmother, aunty, treasured confidante, sister-friend, or all of the above.

Mission statement

Like your Komadre, we pour vitality, connection and loving kindness into everything we do – for you!

Our Origins

Komadre Kombucha began as a home kitchen science project. Seeking an alternative to sugary sodas and alcoholic beverages, Julie started her own mother culture in a little glass jar and married it with her favorite fresh-pressed juice ingredients. Fueled by her quest for greater vitality and a passion for creating community, Julie decided to share her sparkly tropical concoctions with friends and neighbors…and today she’s sharing them with the 253. 

Business values

Of Central American and Caribbean heritage, Julie’s biggest value and business practice has been and will continue to be, to bring along and uplift other women and people of color/Latinx entrepreneurs. To that end she will seek collaborations with bakers, makers and other Latinx/POC small business owners in and around the 253 to make Komadre Kombucha a welcoming, inclusive, sought-after destination.

Owner-Operator: Julie Davidson, a 20-year veteran of entrepreneurial ventures in the San Francisco Bay Area and Puget Sound region, including a multi-million-dollar-generating boutique coaching and consulting firm.

Stay tuned for updates about our taproom coming to 6th Ave in Tacoma!